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Stross reads from Halting State (plus Q’n’A)


Charlie does a longish reading from Halting State:


  • First few mins: he talks about how technology seamless weaves itself into society as it develops
  • ~44 mins: the timing of such a novel. that four years ago noone would have got it at all and in two years time it’ll be blaze – mundane even ;).
  • ~57 mins: he talks about his next book – something about a fem-bot in a world without men. his late-Heinlein homage.
  • ~1:03: how he sees the technology for Halting State actually developing in 10 years time. His metric being that in 10yrs a mobile phone will have the power of a current gen. gaming station.
Oct 30, 2007

NaNoWriMo ’07


So I just signed up. Gotta take the plunge sometime I guess. And, this way I’ve got an excuse if it’s crap 😉

Gotta particular idea / setting I’ve been mulling around in my head for a while (it’s a Mudane SF / Young Adult novel that may be slightly parallel to a certain other story that’s coming out next year). So, time to man up and see what it looks like..

Anyone with me?! puh-leaze

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Oct 20, 2007

Rudy Rucker weighs in on Mundane SF


from Rudys Blog

On Mundane SF

I dont think SF is necessarily about predicting possible futures. Ive always felt that SF is more like surrealism. The idea is to shock people into awareness. Show them how odd the world is. Whether or not you draw on realistic tropes is irrelevant.

Let it be said that futurism and SF are quite different endeavors. A rude person might say that futurism is about feeding inspirational received truths to businessmen and telling them it will help them make more money. SF is about unruly artistic visions.

Sep 30, 2007