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Mind Blasts for 2011-08-30 – Cosmic Anthropology 101
Cosmic Anthropology 101

Journal of a Cosmic Anthropologist

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Mind Blasts for 2011-08-30

Posted by M1k3Y on August 30, 2011 at 10:00 am
  • #maladaptors RT @bruces http://t.co/2fwpuAg *They're not afraid of being held to account because they're also anti-history. #
  • 4 TRUTH RT @bruces *They're gonna ride a collapsing system all the way down, into the peace and safety of a new dark age. #
  • if my Mutant & Proud tshirt doesn't arrive tomorrow imma be a sad puppy. (Yes, I just wanna sit in a cafe wearing it and reading Supergods.) #
  • RT @bruces: *The apogee of Gothic High-Tech. RT @pruned Space Station may be abandoned. | http://j.mp/oRT6Bz #RussianStarSummerOrbit #
  • netbook is either ded or in a coma, will try the paddles later. back to half-ded pc for now. might be time to go shopping I think #taxreturn #
  • and now its my boy Bertrand going on about the Eleusinian Mysteries, and Zeus Lycos. Who's ready for TrueBlood? This guy is. #

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