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Program Update: now in stereo



I upgraded WordPress here the other day, so it must be time for another update.

What’s been happening?

Well there’s this interview Team Grinding participated in, where I say typically me things like:

Saving the world as penance for the sins our fathers, building a life worth being near immortal in, then exploring the galaxy. It’s a plan.

And a new tumblr project I’m involved in, The Extropian Abyssal. I’ve been dropping some design fiction and plans there. More of that to come.

And lastly but also latestly, I’ve started a podcast, with my cohost, Lady Shiva the Destroyer of Hearts. Here’s the first two test runs, as I teach myself a new skill in public.

Much more to come there. And the usual blog tweet instah tumblrings of course.

Live from an undisclosed location


This is the newly set up Cosmic Anthropologist HQ. That I am currently locked out of. Because of reasons.

shipping container chic

This is the next time I move.

bug out man

This is just a test post. There is no stenography on this page. There is nothing hidden.

type 4 society mysteries

There is no subspace communication being broadcast to the centre of the galaxy. Remain calm.

Program Update


This is a screenshot of m1k3y tv:

Mikey Pyrate Units

This is the lifestyle of the technomad; those formerly knowns as the Wifi Bedouin. Our bodies are but meat pointers to the internet. Our work alive and active, whilst we sleep, rest, play, scheme… or create.

Cyberspace is the realm from which I’m speaking to you now. Not the Platonic realm of Ideaspace, but the zone our cyborg second selves reside in.

Post-public is what happens when the previously ephemeral joins the Collective Meme Borg of Total History, and the author themselves remains post-geographic, even when standing still.

Little slices of m1k3y-mind, roaming through timespace, assembling new forms in future brains, machine and human derived.

This is your updated premium channel, program guide to the internet-a-vision:

And coming soon, live in the RL, Continuum 9: where I’ll be delivering a two-part, one hour rant on the Zeitgeist & Mutant Movies and Man & Machine CoEvolution Media (because POP CULTURE IS SRS BSNS!), as well as appearing on panels discussing Sons of Anarchy, Lost Girl and non-English language science-fiction tv shows (principally Swedish SF, Real Humans).

– end transmission –